Best Numbing Cream for Microblading

One aesthetic technique that is becoming increasingly popular is microblading – which involves making realistic-looking eyebrows with carefully placed pigment. Microblading produces excellent results that are semi-permanent, which means they have to be touched up occasionally but in general will stay for at least two years. The procedure makes it so that eyebrows always look perfect and never need to be filled in. Since it involves the use of small…
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dentist oral surgery

Frenectomy and Topical Anesthetic

Frectenomies are the removal of a small fold of connective tissue. Most frenectomies are performed in the mouth and can be done with only topical anesthetic. Some dentists find that they can perform a laser frenectomy without any anesthesia, but many patients find that the use of topical anesthetic makes the procedure easier. The use of infiltrative anesthesia for frenectomy is usually unnecessary and a topical anesthetic is sufficient to…
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complex regional pain syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Medications

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), sometimes also called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), is a neuro-inflammatory disorder characterized by chronic, intense pain. It is often caused by damage to nerves from an injury but there are cases where the cause is not known. The condition likely develops after an injury due to a dysfunction in the nervous systems, although there may be many factors that contribute to its development. The most…
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dental surgery

Antifibrinolytic Mouthwashes for Dentistry

An antifibrinolytic mouthwash can be helpful for a variety of oral procedures where bleeding may be a concern. The antifibrinolytic drugs frequently used by dentists are aminocaproic acid (ACA) and tranexamic acid (TXA). In studies these drugs have been shown to significantly reduce bleeding when applied locally either as a preventative measure or a post-operative treatment. Hematologic disorders that affect the fibrolytic system can result in bleeding complications during oral…
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best hormone cream

What is the Best Hormone Cream?

The best hormone cream for each individual varies depending on what hormonal imbalances they have. For women, progesterone and estrogen are the most commonly prescribed hormone creams. At a compounding pharmacy these can be combined together into one cream along with testosterone and DHEA. For men, a testosterone cream can be made in multiple strengths. A cream is the most frequently prescribed delivery method for hormone replacement because it is…
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Ketotifen for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)

Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) and mastocytosis are two conditions that affect how mast cells function. There is no cure for these conditions and in most cases they are present because of a genetic predisposition. Treatments focus on improving the dermatological, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and other symptoms that result from overproduction of certain chemical mediators. Antihistamines are one of the most frequently used types of medications for managing these symptoms. The…
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pure cholestyramine

Pure Cholestyramine Resin

Cholestyramine (CSM) is a binder that has been used for many years to remove toxins from the body. It was first used to treat high cholesterol levels but is now used for treating many conditions. It is a type of bile acid sequestrant that works by binding to toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, which are then removed from the body with the cholestyramine. Pure cholestyramine is completely removed from the…
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BEG nasal spray

What is the Best Nasal Spray for Biotoxin Illness?

Sinus infection from a moldy environment can lead to chronic sinusitis that is best treated with a topical nasal spray. There are multiple types of medications that can be used to clear these infections from the nasal passages and sinuses. The best nasal spray for treating sinusitis from mold exposure is considered by many physicians to be BEG nasal spray. The Best Nasal Spray for Biotoxin Illness BEG nasal spray…
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woman applying skin numbing cream before an aesthetic procedure

Skin Numbing Cream Application Tips

A skin numbing cream can be an effective way to make both medical and cosmetic procedures easier.  Dermatologists in particular find that a skin numbing cream is useful in a variety of situations they encounter on a daily basis. Aestheticians use numbing creams to make cosmetic treatments safer and less painful. A skin numbing cream can be used before a variety of procedures including: Biopsies Removal of skin lesions Dermabrasion…
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pharmacist with senior

Geriatric Compounding

There are many patient groups that can benefit from the services of a compounding pharmacy. For pediatric patients there are different delivery methods to avoid needing to swallow a pill and flavors that can be added to medications to make them more palatable. Some of the same benefits can apply for geriatric compounding services – especially the ability to have alternatives to oral medications. Seniors account for about 14.5% of…
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