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compounding for lyme disease

Compounding for Lyme Disease

Many years ago, all pharmacies engaged in compounding medications. Over time, with the increase in manufacturing of prescription medications and the oversight of the FDA, compounding became more of a “niche” service for particular patient populations. A modern compounding pharmacy now makes formulations that help fill the gaps in treatment where a suitable commercially available medication is not available. These formulations often complement FDA-approved medications and do not just replace…
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woman using a nasal spray

EDTA Nasal Spray Combinations

The chelating agent EDTA has been used in medications and personal care formulations for many years. This ingredient can be found in numerous household products like shampoos, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, and more. It is also often prescribed to be used intranasally as a biofilm disrupter, which means it is able to break apart the biofilm that harbors bacteria in the nasal passages. This is essential for treating stubborn infections that…
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mold on a lemon, expsoure to mold

Mold Illness and Remediation

What is mold and what are its effects on the body? There are various misconceptions about mold, its types, and its effects. Mold is a type of fungus that includes a large variety of species. Most kinds of mold can be distinguished from other fungi by the soft, fuzzy appearance on the surface. This is caused by the networking of hyphae that connect the organism and distinguish mold from other…
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woman with sinus pain from chronic rhinosinusitis

Rhinosinusitis and Topical Nasal Therapy

Drs. Jonathan Liang and Andrew Lane state in their article on topical drug delivery for chronic rhinosinusitis: “While the introduction of endoscopic sinus surgery revolutionized surgical management and has led to significantly improved patient outcomes, medical therapy remains the foundation of long-term care of chronic rhinosinusitis, particularly in surgically recalcitrant cases. … The goal of topical therapy is to address the inflammation, infection, and mucociliary dysfunction that underlies the disease.”…
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cholestyramine resin powder

Cholestyramine vs. Natural Binders

The debate between the benefits of natural vs. synthetic treatments sometimes plays out without considering scientific evidence. For most patients, a treatment that is natural or that involves a change in diet is more desirable than taking a synthetic medication. However, medications that are synthesized in labs provide help to millions of people every day. To the healthcare providers that prescribe these medications, the benefits outweigh the risks. Cholestyramine is…
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products made by a compounding pharmacy

Compounding Pharmacy and Treating Mold Illness

The path from diagnose of a biotoxin illness through treatment and recovery can be a long and difficult one. Dr. Shoemaker’s discoveries in the late 1990s were the beginning of a wider recognition of CIRS and biotoxin-related health conditions. Over the years, many other doctors have added to the research and have improved treatment protocols. Despite this, there is widespread lack of acceptance of mold-related illnesses by the majority of…
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colloidal silver spray

Hydrosol Silver Spray

Silver has been used for hundreds of years to treat infections and prevent the spread of bacteria. The toxicity of silver to human cells is low compared to its toxicity to bacterial cells which makes it especially effective for this purpose. Until recently, hospitals in the United States put silver eye drops in infants’ eyes to prevent conjunctivitis. It is still used in hospitals in everything from bandages to catheters…
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herx reaction

Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction

When certain types of infections are treated it can result in a reaction as the toxins are cleared from the body. This is referred to as a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction, which is a combination of the names of the dermatologists who first described it. As an antibiotic destroys the cell membranes of bacteria, the dead bacteria are cleared from the body through the blood stream. This release of toxins into the…
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pure cholestyramine

Pure Cholestyramine Resin

Cholestyramine (CSM) is a binder that has been used for many years to remove toxins from the body. It was first used to treat high cholesterol levels but is now used for treating many conditions. It is a type of bile acid sequestrant that works by binding to toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, which are then removed from the body with the cholestyramine. Pure cholestyramine is completely removed from the…
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BEG nasal spray

What is the Best Nasal Spray for Biotoxin Illness?

Sinus infection from a moldy environment can lead to chronic sinusitis that is best treated with a topical nasal spray. There are multiple types of medications that can be used to clear these infections from the nasal passages and sinuses. The best nasal spray for treating sinusitis from mold exposure is considered by many physicians to be BEG nasal spray. The Best Nasal Spray for Biotoxin Illness BEG nasal spray…
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