Men’s Health

Our pharmacy provides a wide range of treatments for men’s health including medications for erectile dysfunction, hormone replacement therapy, and more. We are able to provide effective, proven medications in dosages and formulations that can not be found anywhere else. Our team is dedicated to helping men achieve optimal health through the use of compounded medications.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction include troches with sildenafil (active ingredient in Viagra) or tadalafil (active ingredient in Cialis). We also compound a nitroglycerin cream that is not available in any commercial form. Testosterone replacement is also available in dosages customized to your individual hormone levels.

Men’s Health Products

vardenafil troches

Vardenafil Troches

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foam dispenser

Hair Loss Foam and Solution

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nitroglycerin cream

Nitroglycerin Cream for ED

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erectile dysfunction ED sublingual tablets

Men’s Once-a-Day SL Tablets

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testosterone cream


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tadalafil troches

Tadalafil Troches

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blue capsules


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sildenafil lozenges

Sildenafil Lozenges

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