Pain Management

At our high-quality accredited pharmacy we make customized pain medications with multiple effective ingredients. We offer compounded medications for both acute and chronic pain in creams, gels, capsules, sprays and more. There are different kinds of pain and each requires a unique treatment.

Topical Pain Medication

Topical pain medications have a much lower risk of side effects compared to oral medications because of their low absorption into the blood stream. When applied to an area of injury they provide localized relief without systemic effects. Dizziness, nausea, and drowsiness are all possible symptoms of oral pain medication that can be avoided by using a cream, gel, or spray. For patients with chronic pain conditions this can be especially beneficial as they may already be taking several oral medications.

Depending on the patient and the type of pain being treated, multiple ingredients in different strengths can be made into one cream or gel. Diclofenac and ketoprofen are NSAIDs that decrease the sensitivity of pain receptors. They are good for treating fibromyalgia pain and osteoarthritis. Gabapentin and lidocaine are sodium and glutamate blockers that diminish pain transmission in damaged neurons and work well for neuropathic and inflammatory pain.

Migraine Capsules

Migraine headaches are a kind of neurological pain that can be incapacitating when they occur. Compounded capsules for acute treatment of migraines include multiple ingredients in one formulation to stop migraine symptoms quickly. Inodmethacin, caffeine, ketoprofen, riboflavin, and prochlorperazine are all examples of ingredients that can be included in a compounded migraine medication.

Conditions that can benefit from compounded pain medication:

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