BLT Cream

BLT Cream


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Benzocaine, Lidocaine Tetracaine

Pre-procedure topical anesthetics like BLT cream are effective in the numbing of the epidermis prior to laser and cosmetic procedures. Some procedures that these anesthetics are used for include laser hair removal, dermal filler and Botox injections, and laser tattoo removal.

Triple anesthetic creams can provide effective cutaneous anesthesia as early as 15 minutes after application. BLT cream contains three active ingredients: benzocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine. It is the best numbing cream for laser treatments and other cosmetic procedures.

This cream can be used before injections of Botox for treating TMD and bruxism, orthodontic therapy, and other conditions affected by maxillofacial muscles.

High Quality Compounded BLT Cream

Our BLT cream is compounded in either a hydrophilic cream or plasticized ointment base. Our product is thick, never runny and milled thoroughly two times to ensure premium quality.

BLT Cream Compounds
Benzocaine Lidocaine Tetracaine
Compound 1 20% 6% 4%
Compound 2 20% 8% 4%
Compound 3 20% 10% 4%
Compound 4 0% 23% 7%

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