Amphotericin B


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This medication requires a prescription from your doctor.

Atomizer, Nasal Rinse, or Nasal Spray
5mg capsules, 600mg powder for reconstitution,
or 0.25%, 0.1%, or 0.06% nasal spray

Atomized intranasal amphotericin is the antifungal of choice to significantly reduce fungi and mycotoxins associated with biotoxin illness. Amphotericin B is a powerful antifungal that binds to the fungal cell membrane, thereby causing membrane leakage and cell death.

Amphotericin Delivery Options

Nasal Spray Treatment – This method uses a nasal spray pump to deliver liquid medication to the sinus area.

Medicated Sinus Rinse Therapy – This method flushes the nasal cavities with a medicated saline solution.

Atomized Treatment – This method uses an atomizer to pump in liquid medication to the sinus area with an easy-to-use motorized device. The compact electronic atomizer releases the liquid medication into a mist that gets inhaled into the nasal passages and sinus cavities.

Amphotericin and EDTA

Atomized intranasal EDTA is often used first to work against the biofilm coating clearing the way for a direct attack by the amphotericin. Once the biofilm is disrupted aerosolized intranasal amphotericin B is used to begin to clear the nasal colonized fungi and mycotoxins.

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