Brewer Protocol


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Includes 2 medications and Rhino Clear Sprint Atomizer

Dr Joseph Brewer, an infectious disease specialist from Kansas City Missouri, has developed a protocol to eliminate nasal colonized mycotoxins. Dr. Brewer and his associates, Jack Thrasher and Dennis Hooper, have published several papers on chronic illness associated with mold and mycotoxins. They concluded that the most likely reservoir for the colonization of mycotoxins was the sinus area. Once colonized, mycotoxins are protected by a biofilm coating, preventing their elimination from the body. Dr. Brewer reports that these mycotoxins impair mitochondrial function creating oxidative stress. Symptoms include: chronic fatigue, immune dysregulation and endocrine abnormalities.


There is a synergy when the two therapies are done simultaneously. EDTA dissolves the biofilm coating, clearing the way for a direct attack and elimination of the mycotoxins by the topical amphotericin B. Dr. Brewer doses the EDTA in the morning and amphotericin B in the evening.

Side Effects

Ambphotericin B can cause nasal irritation and even mild nosebleeds in a few cases. Treatment often causes a strong herx reaction (die-off) as the mycotoxins are exposed and the drug kills them. In both situations treatment should be cut back to appropriate levels if necessary.


Atomized intranasal EDTA/Polysorbate 80 is used to destroy biofilm which are harboring the mycotoxins. Once the biofilm is destroyed atomized intranasal amphotericin B is used to eliminate nasal colonized mycotoxins.

Rhino Clear Sprint Atomizer

The Rhino Clear Sprint holds a full 15 mL of solution and atomizes 2 mL (1 treatment) in just 30 seconds. To prevent the risk of contaminating the solution, it also features a dedicated collection chamber to catch discharge. The Rhino Clear Atomizer is suitable for everyone ages 8 and up, and comes with three different sized nasal adaptors for a more custom fit.

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