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Cromolyn Capsules

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This medication requires a prescription from your doctor.

Cromolyn Sodium 100mg, 200mg Capsules

Cromolyn sodium is an anti-inflammatory medication used to treat mast cell disorders and asthma. Its development was important because it helped asthma suffers reduce or eliminate the steroids they were taking to manage their condition. Cromolyn sodium acts as a mast cell stabilizer for individuals with certain mast cell disorders. It has become a well-recognized treatment for managing mast cell activation syndrome.

What is MCAS?

Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) is a disorder that causes mast cells to be overactive. It is different from mastocystosis, which is a condition that causes an overproduction of mast cells that otherwise behave normally. MCAS can affect multiple essential systems in the body and produce dermatological, gastrointestinal, and respiratory symptoms. Some symptoms of overactive mast cells may include: skin rashes, flushing, itching, nausea, shortness of breath, anxiety, headaches, and fatigue. MCAS can often be triggered by environmental factors including mold-related toxins. The condition has been associated with chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) and Lyme disease.

MCAS and Cromolyn Sodium

Cromolyn sodium prevents mast cells from over-producing the chemicals that cause MCAS symptoms. Our pharmacy prepares this medication in capsule form to be taken by mouth. Most often the prescription is to take one capsule 3-4 times per day. Cromolyn sodium may be used along with ketotifen – a medication with a variety of uses including mast cell stabilization and asthma treatment.


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