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EDTA and Hydrosol Silver

EDTA Spray

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This medication requires a prescription from your doctor.

EDTA 0.5% or 1% Nasal Spray with Hypromellose (a Mucolox® alternative)
+ Argentyn 23®, a non-prescription dietary supplement spray

Silver has been used as an antibacterial for many years and has multiple applications including in water purification, wound care, and certain surgical procedures. The use of hydrosol silver along with an EDTA nasal spray has become more popular with practitioners recently for treating resistant infections related to environmentally acquired illnesses. These infections often result from exposure to mold that can develop in water-damaged buildings.

EDTA nasal spray is a mainstay therapy for mold toxicity as part of the Shoemaker protocol for biotoxin illness. EDTA is a chelating agent that clears the biofilm that harbors resistant infections. Combined with antibacterial and antifungal ingredients it is prescribed for treating infections that cause chronic sinusitis from resistant infections. Argentyn 23®, a hydrosol silver dietary supplement, is now often recommended by doctors in conjunction with EDTA. Argentyn 23® is the hydrosol silver product recommended by Dr. Neil Nathan in his book Toxic and includes 23ppm hydrosol silver.  A doctor who is following a mold toxicity protocol may indicate on their order that they would like the non-prescription product Argentyn 23® added to their patient’s regular shipment.

Silver has low toxicity in the body and the risks of using hydrosol silver as a dietary supplement are minimal when used intranasally. One of the main benefits of using hydrosol silver is that unlike an antibiotic, bacteria can not develop resistance to it. This may give silver advantages over antibiotic treatment in some situations.


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