EDTA nasal spray

Edetate Disodium (EDTA)


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This medication requires a prescription from your doctor.

1%, 15mg/5mL Solution
atomized, nasal rinse, or nasal spray

The metal chelator EDTA in combination with polysorbate 80 (an ingredient in baby shampoo) is used to disrupt biofilm which are harboring bacteria and fungi. Chelation is an important step in many protocols for treating infections related to mold exposure that lead to illnesses like CIRS.

Disrupting the Biofilm

Biofilms consist of groups of bacteria/fungi attached to surfaces and encased in a protective slime polymer matrix. Pathogens in biofilms are more resistant to antibiotics and antifungals than their free-living counterparts. Thus, biofilm-related infections are persistent and often show recurrent symptoms. Biofilms can spur the immune system to mount an inflammatory response that leads to worsening of the sinusitis symptoms.

Part of Multiple Mold Toxicity Protocols

At Woodland Hills Pharmacy we make a full range of treatments for biotoxin illness including EDTA, BEG nasal spray, and cholestyramine resin. EDTA is part of the Brewer Protocol for treating biotoxin illness and is recommended by Dr. Neil Nathan in his book Toxic.

Nasal Spray Treatment

This method uses a nasal spray pump to deliver liquid medication to the sinus area. Each pump delivers a metered dose of medicated solution.

Nasal Irrigation

A nasal saline rinse bottle can be used to administer the medication. A saline solution is mixed with the medication in a nasal rinse bottle and used to irrigate the nasal passages and sinuses.

Atomized Sinus Treatment

This method uses the Rhino Clear Sprint atomizer to deliver the liquid EDTA medication to the sinus area. The compact electronic atomizer releases the liquid EDTA medication into mist that gets inhaled into the sinus and nasal cavity regions. You may obtain a RhinoClear Sprint atomizer with your new prescription. To purchase the Rhino Clear Sprint atomizer separately, visit the medical supply company, Woodland Hills Medical Supply.

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