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Nystatin Atomized Capsules


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This medication requires a prescription from your doctor.

Nystatin 50,000 unit capsules for atomization or nasal irrigation

Nystatin is an antifungal commonly used to attack fungi and mycotoxins associated with biotoxin illness. Intranasal EDTA is often used first to significantly reduce the biofilm coating clearing the way for a direct attack by this medication. Once the biofilm is disrupted nystatin is used to help eliminate colonized fungi and mycotoxins from the nasal passages.

Dr. Neil Nathan recommends the use of this intranasal therapy in his book Toxic. He often uses this treatment for patients who are sensitive to other antifungals like amphotericin, which is often the first antifungal recommended based on the Brewer Protocol. Multiple protocols exist for treating resistant infections after mold exposure, and there a variety of nasal sprays that may be used depending on the patient’s infection and sensitivities.

Atomized Treatment

Nystatin can be delivered as an atomized treatment using the Rhino Clear Sprint. This method propels the medication deep into the sinus cavities to provide relief.

Nasal Irrigation

Nystatin can be delivered in the form of a sinus rinse. The capsules are emptied into a saline solution in a nasal rinse bottle that is used to irrigate the nasal passages and sinuses.

RhinoClear Sprint

The RhinoClear Sprint atomizer can be used to administer medications intranasally. The battery-powered atomizer can hold 15mL of medicated solution, which is propelled with positive pressure into the nasal passages and sinuses. Patients can obtain a RhinoClear Sprint atomizer with their prescription, but may also purchase one separately by visiting


Intranasal Nystatin Therapy in Patients with Chronic Illness Associated with Mold and Mycotoxins – Global Journal of Medical Research

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