VIP nasal spray

VIP Nasal Spray

VIP nasal spray

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This medication requires a prescription from your doctor.

VIP 50 MCG/0.1ML Nasal Spray

VIP nasal spray is a part of the last step of treating CIRS according to the Shoemaker Protocol. VIP is an acronym for Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide, which is a hormone that helps support healthy levels of other hormones. In the Shoemaker Protocol, it is used to help reduce inflammation and improve the healing time after the other treatments have been completed. In most individuals with CIRS, VIP levels are low.

VIP is administered in a nasal spray, and should only be started after the other steps in the protocol have been followed. Starting VIP earlier will not help if the MARCoNS have not been eradicated. As with all steps in the Shoemaker Protocol, proper monitoring by a trained healthcare provider is necessary to ensure the treatment is working. An important level to monitor is TGF beta-1, which can be elevated after administering VIP if there is still exposure to mold.

The VIP nasal spray from Woodland Hills Pharmacy comes packaged in a way that helps the medication maintain its effectiveness. Each prescription comes with two luer-lock syringes. One contains the VIP powder and the other contains a saline solution. They are connected together and mixed in the syringes. The mixed medication is then put into the included nasal spray bottle.

Dosing of VIP Nasal Spray

VIP Nasal Spray from Woodland Hills Pharmacy comes packaged in a way that helps it maintain its effectiveness. In a kit, there are two luer-lock syringes and an empty nasal spray bottle. One syringe contains VIP in powder form. The other syringe contains a saline solution. The two are mixed together and added to the nasal spray bottle. Each kit makes the correct amount of VIP solution needed for the prescription. A single syringe kit contain 6mg of VIP and 12ml of saline.

VIP KitsmL

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