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Voriconazole Atomized Capsules


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Voriconazole 10mg Atomized Capsules (Nasal Atomization)

Voriconazole is a triazole antifungal that is often used to treat serious fungal infections in  patients with compromised immune systems. While amphotericin B has been the standard antifungal therapy for many years, voriconazole has shown promise as an alternative with fewer side effects. It is available commercially in an oral or intravenous form but can be made for intranasal delivery by a compounding pharmacy. An atomized solution with voriconazole can be an effective option for treating fungal infections in the nasal passages related to biotoxin illness.

Voriconazole Nasal Atomization for Biotoxin Illness

Fungal infections of the nasal passages can come from building environments where water has been allowed to accumulate. Eliminating mycotoxins in the nasal passages is usually recommended as part of treatment for biotoxin illness caused by mold exposure. As mold spores enter the nasal passages they can colonize and cause infections that lead to chronic sinusitis.

Chronic sinusitis is a very common condition and in some cases may be wrongly attributed to a bacterial infection when the cause is actually a fungal infection. This kind of infection can be especially harmful to individuals who are already suffering from a condition like CIRS or Lyme that can compromise the immune system. Chronic fungal infections due to mold exposure can be difficult to treat, especially if a living environment has not yet been remediated.

Voriconazole Atomized Capsules vs. Commercially Available Products

Direct application of an antifungal in a nasal atomized solution can treat fungal infections that have colonized in the nasal passages. This method of application reduces the risk of systemic effects that may come from taking an oral medication.

Commercially available voriconazole is limited to oral and intravenous forms. Delivery of voriconazole in a solution for nasal atomization is only available from a compounding pharmacy. The voriconazole capsules are mixed with a saline solution and used as a sinus rinse to topically treat infection. The RhinoClear atomizer is the preferred method of delivering this medication.

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