topical anesthetic gels including profound gel, tac 20 gel, and btt 12.5

The Baddest Topical in Town™


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This product requires a prescription. There is no compounding without a prescription for "office use" per FDA regulations.

Lidocaine 12.5%, Tetracaine 12.5%, Prilocaine 3%, Phenylephrine 3% Topical Anesthetic

BTT 12.5 Gel or Ointment

The Best Topical for Dental Procedures is The Baddest Topical in Town

The best topical for dentists is the Baddest Topical in Town™ (BTT 12.5). This gel is an effective combination of three anesthetic ingredients and a vasoconstrictor. It is often used as a pre-injection topical anesthetic for soft tissue and palatal procedures.

Compound topical anesthetics like BTT 12.5 are used for a variety of procedures including:

  • Scaling and root planing
  • Soft tissue and palatal procedures
  • Pre-injection numbing
  • Placement of orthodontic Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs)
  • Taking impressions and intra-oral radiographs

BTT 12.5 is available in five different flavors in an extra-thick gel and is packaged in plastic squeeze bottles (oral syringe and adapter included).

Dental Ointment

The Baddest Topical in Town™ is also available in a thick plasticized ointment base. This ointment can be applied with a Q-Tip or micro-brush to the dried mucosal surface prior to the procedure.

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