Bupivacaine Gel

Bupivacaine Topical

bupivacaine gel

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This product requires a prescription. There is no compounding without a prescription for "office use" per FDA regulations.

Bupivacaine 0.5% Topical Anesthetic Gel with Phenylephrine 1%

Contains the same anesthetic ingredient as the local anesthetics Vivacaine and Marcaine

A Unique Topical Anesthetic for Dentistry

Bupivacaine is unique among the topical anesthetics we compound in that it has a longer duration of effect. Patients may continue to experience numbness in the application area for several hours after application. Currently, bupivacaine is only available commercially in cartridges for infiltration. However our compounding pharmacy is able to make this powerful anesthetic into a gel for topical application.

Uses for Topical Bupivacaine

Typical uses for topical anesthetics we compound include scaling and root planing, soft tissue and palatal procedures, pre-injection numbing, orthodontic placements, and taking impressions. However topical bupivacaine’s longer duration of effect means it is ideal for keeping patients numb after the procedure. This topical anesthetic can be applied post-operatively so the patient goes home numb. Results in studies have confirmed that patient-reported ratings of post-operative pain continue to be lower compared to lidocaine many hours after bupivacaine is used.

Commercially Available Bupivacaine

Bupivacaine is not yet available commercially in a topical preparation but can be obtained from a compounding pharmacy. The brand-name products Vivacaine and Marcaine contain identical amounts of bupivacaine and epinephrine in injectable cartridges. As bupivacaine may be used alongside other injectable anesthetics, dentists may find that it provides a better experience for the patient when fewer injections are used. A topical can help ease patient fears and discomfort, leading to better outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.


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