chlorhexidine gel

Chlorhexidine Gel

chlorhexidine gel

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Chlorhexidine 1% and 2% Gel

Chlorhexidine gluconate is the most effective antiseptic used in dentistry. It binds tightly to oral tissues and releases slowly providing a sustained effect. It inhibits plaque formation through its ability to penetrate plaque biofilm and kill bacteria. This effective ingredient has been used for many years in almost every dental specialty. In different formulations it is used to treat periodontal disease and gingivitis, as an irrigant for root canals, and to promote healing after surgery.

Chlorhexidine 1% and 2% Dental Gel

This chlorhexidine gel reduces gum inflammation by killing bacteria. Because of its long-lasting effects it will also prevent the build-up of plaque for up to 12 hours after application. This gel is applied with a toothbrush for at least one minute once or twice per day. It can be used for treating gum disease, mouth ulcers, and oral thrush.

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