Dry Socket Paste

Dry Socket Paste (Alternative to Alvogyl)

Dry Socket Paste

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This medication requires a prescription from your doctor.

Lidocaine 15%, Iodoform 3%, Eugenol 0.8% in Lanolin Base

This paste is useful for treating dry socket and good for use post-extraction as a preventative treatment. Paste is applied to the socket and allowed to remain for 3-5 days. It then washes out as the socket heals. Our dry socket paste is affordable compared to products from many other suppliers. It is a great product for dentists to keep on hand to help patients manage healing after tooth extractions.

Dry Socket Paste Ingredients

This dry socket paste contains an effective combination of lidocaine, iodoform, and eugenol. Lidocaine provides instant pain relief when applied to the dry socket. Iodoform provides antimicrobial and healing properties. Eugenol has a soothing effect on alveolar tissues. It acts as an anesthetic with both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Alternative to Alvogyl

We developed a compounded alternative to Alvogyl to provide a more consistent and reliable source for an effective dry socket paste. Our dry socket paste has even stronger anesthetic properties than Alvogyl and contains three main ingredients. The main difference between Alvogyl and our compounded dry socket paste is the use of lidocaine instead of butamben. Lidocaine 15% is more powerful and provides better pain relief for patients.

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