Dyclonine 1% Rinse

dyclonine rinse

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This product requires a prescription. There is no compounding without a prescription for "office use" per FDA regulations.

Available formulations:
1. Dyclonine 1% Solution
2. Dyclonine 1%, Chlorhexidine 0.12% Solution
3. Dyclonine 1%, Lidocaine 1% Solution

Dyclonine 1% (DYC) is a topical anesthetic in the form of a rinse that patients can swish around for one minute to anesthetize gingival and palatal tissues. This oral anesthetic rinse is fantastic for hygiene patients who need a small amount of anesthesia. It also works well for patients who are needle-phobic and who gag during impressions. For periodontal patients with inflammation it is useful before probing or gross-debridement. Almost any dental patient can be offered this mouth rinse to make their experience at your office more comfortable and your work easier.

Customized Dyclonine Rinse Formulations

As a compounding pharmacy we are able to make customized formulations with multiple ingredients in one solution. We make a dyclonine and chlorhexidine oral rinse that is effective for both anesthetizing tissue and reducing gum bleeding and inflammation. We also offer a combination solution with DYC and lidocaine that provides stronger anesthesia.

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