topical syringe kit with anesthetic gels

Topical Anesthetic Syringe Kit

topical anesthetic syringe kit

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TAC 20 Alternate, Profound, or BTT 12.5
in 30g Luer-Lock Syringe Kit

In response to numerous requests from dentists, Woodland Hills Pharmacy now offers an option for dispensing topical anesthetic gels in a 30cc luer-lock syringe kit with 1.2cc syringes. Dispensing anesthetic gel in syringes can help better control where the anesthetic is being placed. It may be especially beneficial for periodontal treatments and scaling and root planing. The included pre-bent flow tips help administer anesthetic gel more precisely. Each kit comes packaged with a 30cc syringe of topical anesthetic gel along with 5 starter syringes and disposable flow tips.

From our conversations with dentists, we found that some wanted to administer the topical anesthetic in a syringe and were using their own. Moving the gel from the container to the syringe can be messy and product is easily lost. We developed this kit to make it easier to use a syringe with a luer-lock connector and reduce the chance of losing product.

Kit Includes

  • x1 – 30g luer-lock syringe of topical anesthetic gel
  • x1 – Luer-lock syringe connector
  • x5 – 1.2cc luer-lock syringes for dispensing
  • x5 – Pre-bent disposable flow tips

Topical Anesthetic Gels

The following topical anesthetic gels can be supplied in the syringe kit.

TAC 20 Alternate:  Lidocaine 20%, Tetracaine 4%, Phenylephrine 2%. Learn more about TAC 20 alternate.

Profound: Lidocaine 10%, Prilocaine 10%, Tetracaine 4%. Learn more about Profound.

BTT 12.5 (The Baddest Topical in Town): Lidocaine 12.5%, Tetracaine 12.5%, Prilocaine 3%, Phenylephrine 3%. Learn more about the Baddest Topical in Town.

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