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tranexamic acid

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Tranexamic Acid (TXA) 4.8% Solution

Tranexamic acid (TXA) is an antifibrinolytic agent used to prevent and control bleeding. It is useful for dental specialists who frequently perform surgical procedures and is particularly good to have for patients with coagulation defects.

A tranexamic acid solution can be used before a procedure to prevent bleeding in patients with bleeding disorders. The solution is used as a rinse by the patient for about 2 minutes, a half hour before a procedure. Tranexamic acid can also be used after the procedure and as needed in emergency situations.  After an oral procedure a solution can be used by the patient every one to two hours to control bleeding. It should be held in the mouth by the patient and not “swished” as this can dislodge a clot.

In tablet form, antifibrinolytic medications are available under different brand names. They are prescribed for patients who have blood clotting disorders and are having minor surgery. In the case of oral surgery however, taking a tablet is not ideal for these patients. Topical administration of tranexamic acid with a rinse inhibits clot breakdown locally while minimizing systemic effects. For patients who have coagulation disorders and are on medications like warfarin, reducing systemic effects can be crucial.  A tranexamic acid mouth rinse results in a lower plasma concentration than a tablet while effectively controlling bleeding.

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