mastoid powder

Mastoid Powder

mastoid powder

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This medication requires a prescription from your doctor.

Mastoid Powder or Capsules: Ciprofloxacin 33%, Clotrimazole 33%, Boric Acid 33%, Hydrocortisone 0.9%

This mastoid powder is prescribed to be used with a sheehy-house insufflator to treat ear infections and mastoiditis. It may also be prescribed in a different formulation with an accordion insufflator.  An antibiotic, an antifungal, and an anti-inflammatory are combined in one powder for topical treatment of ear infection and mastoiditis. Most commercially available medications lack the broad-spectrum activity of this combination.

Treatment for Mastoiditis

Mastoiditis is most commonly caused by an untreated ear infection. It occurs because an ear infection spreads to the cells of the mastoid – a part of the temporal bone behind the ear that contains open spaces. Usually if the infection of the ear is treated the inflammation in the mastoid will diminish.  Treatment for mastoiditis is the same as treatment for the ear infection and involves the use of antibiotics and antifungals. Because of the side effects associated with IV or oral administration of these medications, a topical preparation is an ideal treatment method.

Mastoid Powder Ingredients

Although there are commercially available otic drops with antibiotics, there are no powder formulations available for treating mastoiditis. Our pharmacy makes a mixture of different medications that can be in the form of a powder to help treat the infection.  A powder may also be made into capsule form. The mastoid powder contains the antibiotic ciprofloxacin, the antifungal clotrimazole, and hydrocortisone to reduce inflammation and swelling. We also offer CSF otic powders with alternative ingredients for treating ear infections.

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