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Mupirocin 5mg/5mL, 15mg/5mL, and 0.2%
atomized solution, nasal rinse, nasal spray

Mupirocin 0.2% nasal spray contains the active ingredient mupirocin, which is an antibacterial medicine. It is used to eliminate staphylococcal bacteria from the nasal passages. In particular, it is usually reserved for eradicating methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria from the nasal passages for infections that result from mold exposure.

Certain bacteria, including MRSA, are found naturally on many people’s skin and inside their nose. These bacteria are usually harmless and don’t cause any problems. However they can cause infection if they get into a wound or spread to other parts of the body. It is important that these types of bacteria are eliminated, because they can not only cause infection in the carrier, but can also be spread to other people and potentially cause serious infections in people who are sick and vulnerable.

The mupirocin works by affecting the bacteria’s production of certain proteins that are neccessary for their survival. It causes the bacteria to produce abnormal and faulty proteins. This ultimately kills the bacteria. Woodland Hills Pharmacy provides mupirocin 0.2% solution in atomized, metered-dosage nasal spray bottles.

Mupirocin may be administered with an atomizer, as a nasal rinse, or with a nasal spray bottle. An atomizer is the most popularly prescribed method of administering compounded medications to the nasal passages and sinuses. The compact electronic atomizer releases the liquid mupirocin medication into mist that gets inhaled and distributes the medication.

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