apomorphine troches

Apomorphine Troches

apomorphine troches

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This medication requires a prescription from your doctor.

2mg, 3mg Troches

Apomorphine is a drug that has been around for many years and has been uses to treat a variety of conditions. It is now most commonly prescribed for treating erectile dysfunction and can be obtained from a compounding pharmacy. When combined with PDE5 inhibitors it may provide a synergistic effect but it can also be taken on its own. As a monotherapy for ED, this medication may be useful for men who have not responded to PDE5 inhibitors or can not take them for health reasons. Some men may be on medications with contraindications for PDE5 inhibitors. Apomorphine troches offer an alternative mechanism of action that has less cardiovascular effects and may be more tolerable for some men.

What is Apomorphine?

Despite having -morphine in its name, this drug does not bind to opioid receptors or have any opioid-like effects. The name refers only to it being a derivative of morphine. Apomorphine is a dopamine receptor antagonist that works on the central nervous system, not directly on erectile tissue. It decreases the degradation of dopamine, which improves responses to sexual stimulation.  In contrast, PDE5 inhibitors work by slowing the degradation of cGMP in the smooth muscle of the penis. The troche helps improve dopamine levels in the brain and makes sexual arousal easier while PDE5 inhibitors work directly on improving blood flow in erectile tissue.

How are Apomorphine Troches Used?

Apomorphine is not readily available or well-metabolized when taken orally. A troche dissolves in the mouth and provides greater absorption with a reduced risk of side effects. Because apomorphine troches are not available commercially, they must be made by a compounding pharmacy. Our pharmacy commonly makes troches in either 2mg or 3mg strengths. Apomorphine is also included in combination formulations with tadalafil and oxytocin for either once-daily or as-needed dosing. Like tadalafil, the benefits increase with consistent daily administration.


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