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This medication requires a prescription from your doctor.

Minoxidil 10% with Finasteride 0.1% in a Topical Foam

Minoxidil is available commercially in topical form (Rogaine) but finasteride is not. Finasteride is the first-line treatment for male hair loss but it is only available in oral tablets. This drug has been shown to be just as effective when applied topically in a hair loss foam or solution. When combined together, these two effective ingredients can help improve the growth of healthy, new hair for men.

Orally administered finasteride can have unwanted side effects like decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. These side effects are usually rare and will go away after the body gets used to the medication. However some patients may continue to experience side effects. When finasteride is applied topically to the scalp instead of taken orally, it reduces the risk of developing systemic side effects. The main issue with taking finasteride in oral form is that when a patient stops treatment, the good results they achieved start to subside. This means that it needs to be taken indefinitely to maintain results. A topical solution is a more effective way to maintain results long-term while reducing side effects.

Topically applied minoxidil is available commercially without finasteride and is a proven hair growth medication. The combination of both medications in one topical hair loss foam or solution is only available from a compounding pharmacy. This combination is made specifically for male hair loss. Other formulations are available that are better suited to treating hair loss in women.


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