Desiccated Thyroid

Desiccated thyroid capsules

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16.25mg to 325mg capsules

Desiccated porcine thyroid is derived naturally from the glands of pigs. It has been used for almost 100 years to improve symptoms of hypothyroidism. Each dose of desiccated thyroid contains multiple thyroid hormones including T4, T3, T2, and T1. Many patients and doctors prefer this effective, non-synthetic way of increasing hormone levels.

Hypothyroidism is a condition that can affect the entire body and plays a role in many essential processes. Symptoms can include fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, cognitive issues, loss of libido, and more. The only way to treat this condition is by restoring levels of thyroid hormone. There are two types of thyroid medications for doing this which are synthetic and naturally derived. Synthetic thyroid hormones are levothyroxine (T3) and liothyronine (T3), which can be taken separately or combined into one capsule. Desiccated thyroid hormone is made from the glands of pigs and includes T3 and T4 along with T2 and T1. It is made from the entire dried gland so it includes all forms of the thyroid hormone.

One of the main concerns that some healthcare providers have with T4-only supplementation is that not all patients are able to effectively convert it to T3. There are many situations where patients do not respond to T4-only medication. Desiccated thyroid is often the preferred treatment as it provides comprehensive supplementation of all thyroid hormones.

Desiccated porcine thyroid is available under the brand names Nature Throid and Armour Thyroid. There have been shortages of brand-name desiccated thyroid hormones that have affected patients. Our compounding pharmacy is unaffected by shortages of natural thyroid and is able to compound desiccated porcine thyroid in multiple strengths. The thyroid medications we compound are custom-made for each individual patient.

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