thyroid capsules

T4/T3 Capsules

thyroid capsules

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Compounded T4/T3 Capsules (Liothyronine and Levothyroxine)

Hypothyroidism can be described as a low production of the body’s thyroid hormones. The hormones liothyronine (T3) and levothyroxine (T4) are produced from the body’s thyroid gland. The active thyroid hormone T3 exerts its effects on cells in the body. T4 is converted to its active metabolite T3 while introduced into the blood stream. Hypothyroidism can occur on its own or it can be caused by damage from medication, radiation, or surgery. A combination of synthetic T4 and T3 in one tablet can be used for treating low thyroid hormone levels.

T4/T3 Treatment for Hypothyroidism

The only treatment for hypothyroidism is usually long-term use of supplements to restore hormone levels. A combination of liothyronine and levothyroxine is often used to treat hypothyroidism and is available under the brand name Thyrolar in the U.S. Currently there is a shortage of commercially available tablets but T4/T3 capsules can still be obtained from a compounding pharmacy. There are other benefits to choosing a compounding pharmacy for obtaining T4/T3 tablets.

Commercially made thyroid supplements may not be appropriate for several reasons:

(1) They are not available in varied strength combinations

(2) They contain undesirable excipients

(3) They are not available in sustained-release forms.

Common Dosages

While any combination of T4/T3 is available from a compounding pharmacy, there are some common dosages that are used. A T4/T3 25mcg/6.25mcg or 20mcg/5mcg tablet used once per day is often the starting dose for adults. This can then be increased incrementally to achieve a higher dose. This would be achieved with a commercial product by adding a smaller-dosed pill to the normal dose, then working up to higher doses. A compounding pharmacy can make the exact dose needed in any combination of of T4 and T3 in one tablet.


The only commercially available combination capsule in the U.S. is sold under the brand name Thyrolar. There is currently a shortage of Thyrolar due to manufacturing delays. However combination T4/T3 capsules are still available from a compounding pharmacy. We also compound T3 sustained release capsules and offer desiccated thyroid (porcine) capsules. Our desiccated thyroid is an alternative to Nature Throid, which has also experienced shortages.

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