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delivery of a prescription from a mail order pharmacy

Mail Order Pharmacy

delivery of a prescription from a mail order pharmacy

Mail Order Pharmacy

A mail order compounding pharmacy can often provide medications to patients in areas that do not have access to compounding services. Mail order pharmacies have become a great benefit to patients who would otherwise not be able to get the medications they need. Our Los Angeles compounding pharmacy ships to most states with expedited shipping available in some areas.

There are many regions in the United States that have limited access to quality healthcare. A local retail pharmacy may be able to provide manufactured drugs, but if a patient requires a compounded prescription they likely have only limited capabilities. Not every pharmacy has the equipment or trained staff needed to compound medications. There are high standards that must be adhered to with unique policies and procedures that differ from a regular pharmacy.

What is a Mail Order Pharmacy?

Many patients are already used to receiving prescriptions through the mail with a service provider like ExpressScripts or OptumRx. These services can ship medications to your home that are usually obtained at a retail pharmacy. Sometimes they are linked to a patient’s insurance plan. This kind of service is similar to what Woodland Hills Pharmacy offers but with compounded prescriptions.

Online pharmacies often will allow patients to shop and submit an order online. Some of them will even have a telemedicine provider that writes a prescription for you. While this may be safe for certain drugs, especially those that a patient already has been taking for many years, for a first-time prescription it is not recommended. Prescriptions should only be written by a healthcare provider who has examined the patient in person.

Online pharmacies act as drug distributors, usually of generic drugs. They do not have the capability to compound drugs. Compounding prescription drugs requires adherence to higher standards in how the facility is operated. They also require more personalized care and attention to detail. Our pharmacists and customer care team are always available to take calls from patients and healthcare providers.

Some benefits of choosing Woodland Hills Pharmacy as your mail order pharmacy include:

  • An experienced pharmacist is always available to talk to you about your medication.
  • Small pharmacy that pays attention to the customization of each patient’s medication.
  • Competitively priced, customized medications.
  • UCAP-accredited and compliant with all standards.

Your Neighborhood Compounding Pharmacy

Even though we are located in Los Angeles, Woodland Hills Pharmacy is the neighborhood compounding pharmacy for patients across the U.S.  As a mail order pharmacy, we are able to serve patients in communities in areas that do not have access to compounding services.

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6 thoughts on “Mail Order Pharmacy

  1. Tamara Windham

    Do you compound Pimobendan (a veterinary rx)? What is the cost for 30 tablets of 1.25 mg? Do you offer any free shipping deals?

  2. ERICA Driscoll

    Hi I would like to get 50mg of nalatrexone made into LDN I think for me 1.0 would do. I live in NY would you be able to do this? Thank you. Erica

    1. woodlandhills pharmacy Post author

      We do compound LDN and can ship to NY. Please call us at 855-876-3060 for more information or have your doctor send us your prescription.


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