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woman having a hot flash

Menopause Symptoms: Hot Flashes

woman having a hot flash

Menopause Symptoms: Hot Flashes

Woodland Hills Compounding Pharmacy has been making hormones at our location in Los Angeles, California for many years. Our experienced pharmacists customize each prescription – whether it is an oxytocin tablet or progesterone suppository – to the individual patient’s needs. We most frequently make these products for women who are experiencing symptoms of menopause. One of the most common symptoms of menopause women are seeking relief from are hot flashes. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be an effective treatment for hot flashes while also reducing other symptoms.

What Are Hot Flashes?

Hot flashes are associated with hormonal changes that come with menopause. The exact cause is not known, but they are likely due to the effect that hormone imbalances have on the hypothalamus, which regulates body temperature. A hot flash causes:

  • A feeling of warmth that is strongest in the face, neck, and chest
  • Redness and flushing of the skin
  • Sweating or chills
  • Sleep disturbances

How frequently hot flashes occur and how severe they are can vary from day to day and they do not happen the same way for every woman. A majority of women will get them during menopause, with some women experiencing them more than others.

Can You Prevent Hot Flashes?

Triggers for hot flashes include spicy foods, stress, caffeine and alcohol, and tight clothing. Exercising regularly, wearing looser clothes, and drinking ice water can all help. If these changes are not working and you are looking for a way to get rid of hot flashes, hormone therapy may be a solution for you.

Estrogen for Treating Hot Flashes

Estrogen production by the ovaries slows with the onset of menopause. An imbalance of estrogen hormones is the cause of many menopause symptoms. That is why estrogen therapy can be so effective for reducing hot flashes. With this therapy, the estrogen that is not being produced is replaced. Hormone therapy with estrogen can help restore balance and reduce many of the symptoms of menopause.

How Do You Treat Hot Flashes With Estrogen?

Your doctor will work with you along with the pharmacy to determine your hormone levels and the most appropriate hormone therapy. Sometimes a menopause specialist may also be involved who understands the full range of treatment options and health concerns. Treatments for hot flashes can be made at a compounding pharmacy into topical creams, pills, transdermal patches, and more. Each product is custom-made for an individual woman.

Estrogen and Progesterone

Estrogen is almost never taken alone because of the risk of estrogen dominance. Progesterone is often included in hot flash treatments to maintain a healthy hormonal balance. Hormones are all connected and an increase or decrease of one affects production of the others. That is why multiple therapies are often used to achieve an optimal balance between hormones.

Hormone Therapy and Other Menopausal Symptoms

Other symptoms of menopause that can be reduced with HRT include vaginal dryness, mood swings, and night sweats.  Estrogen has also been shown to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, as bone loss is associated with decreased levels of estrogen hormones. You can learn more about hormone therapy and osteoporosis in our previous blog.

Get More Information

The team at Woodland Hills Pharmacy is here to answer your questions on hormone replacement therapy. We can help if you are looking for a doctor near you who prescribes HRT; whether it is in California or any of the other states we serve. Our pharmacy team in Los Angeles, California is here to help you with all your compound prescription needs.

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