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thyroid capsules

Nature Throid Shortage

thyroid capsules

Nature Throid Shortage

Update (10/25/2019) – Nature Throid is back in stock – multiple strengths available. WP Thyroid 1 Grain (65mg) is available!

Nature Throid is a brand-name version of desiccated thyroid that is currently unavailable in most dosages due to a shortage. The manufacturer has only been able to provide limited strengths while patients search for alternative sources for their thyroid medication. It is likely that the shortage of Nature Throid will continue for at least a few more months and maybe longer. Even if the shortage is resolved, there is always the potential for it to become a problem again. While there are other brands of desiccated thyroid that are commercially available, a compounding pharmacy can consistently provide essential thyroid medication without being affected by shortages.

What is desiccated thyroid?

Desiccated thyroid is usually derived from the glands of pigs. It contains all forms (T4, T3, T2, and T1) of the thyroid hormone. Unlike a synthetic T4-only supplement, desiccated thyroid is able to increase levels of both inactive and active forms of thyroid hormones. Many patients find that they experience minimal benefit using only a synthetic T4 supplement but find a great improvement in symptoms with desiccated thyroid. One possible reason for this is that thyroid problems do not only have to do with low thyroid levels but also with trouble converting hormones into a form that is usable by the body.

Why is there a Nature Throid shortage?

RLC labs, the maker of Nature Throid, has stated that the cause of the current shortage is delays due to upgrades they are making to their manufacturing facilities. This is not the first time there has been a shortage of a thyroid product. Armour Thyroid, another brand of desiccated thyroid, has also experienced shortages in recent years. Many patients who rely on the company are then left trying to find alternative sources for their essential thyroid supplements. A compounding pharmacy is one of the better alternatives for obtaining natural desiccated thyroid hormones.

Why choose a compounding pharmacy for desiccated thyroid?

Some patients spend years working with their healthcare provider to get their dosage of thyroid hormones just right. Since there is some variation between manufacturers, switching brands may cause a brief period of readjustment. A compounding pharmacy is a more reliable way to obtain desiccated thyroid. We are not as susceptible to fluctuations in supply as manufacturers, as the raw material can always be obtained.

Obtaining desiccated thyroid from a compounding pharmacy is more consistent in that they do not experience shortages. Raw materials are obtained and thyroid medication is made in small batches for individual patients. That is why thyroid hormones that are compounded can also be more customizable. Fillers and additives that may be in commercially available products can be excluded from a compounded product. Another benefit is that our pharmacy is able to ship directly to a patient’s home or a doctor’s office – sparing a trip to a retail pharmacy. A compounding pharmacy provides personalized service with formulations customized to the individual.

How can a Nature Throid prescription be changed for a compounding pharmacy?

Our compounding pharmacy is unaffected by the desiccated thyroid shortage. We can provide a product similar to Nature Throid with the same dosages. Switching to using a compounding pharmacy is as simple as changing “Nature Throid” to “desiccated thyroid” on a prescription. Our compounding pharmacy is able to match all dosages of Nature Throid. The grain sizes we compound include:

Nature Throid DoseOur Compounded Equivalent
1/4 Grain16.25 mg
1/2 Grain32.5 mg
3/4 Grain48.75 mg
1 Grain65 mg
1 1/4 Grain81.25 mg
1 1/2 Grain97.5 mg
1 3/4 Grain113.75 mg
2 Grain130 mg
2 1/4 Grain146.25 mg
2 1/2 Grain162.5 mg
3 Grain195 mg
4 Grain260 mg
5 Grain325 mg

Have your doctor switch your prescription to a compounded alternative to Nature Throid then give us a call. We will then ship your medication directly to your home. Our pharmacy staff is here to assist you if you have any questions.


Have a Question? Call Us: (855) 876-3060

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13 thoughts on “Nature Throid Shortage

  1. gayle mcallister

    Why does it cost so much more for compounded thyroid in the equivalent amount of my prescription for Nature-Throid equal to 1 1/4 Grains (81.25mgs)? I used to get the compounded version of 1 1/4 Grains, and it cost me $72 for a 30 day supply, whereas my Nature-Throid is $6 for a 30 day supply? I can’t afford the compounded one. My understanding is that Nature-Throid manufactured by RLC Labs is bio-equivalent to the compounded thyroid hormone.
    Why the huge price difference?

    1. woodlandhills pharmacy Post author

      Good question! That’s because a compounding pharmacy makes prescriptions individually for each patient. We do not keep dosages of desiccated thyroid on hand as we are not a manufacturer. A manufacturer saves costs by producing at a larger scale. They have the equipment needed to manufacture large quantities quickly. The downside to this is that they are susceptible to large-scale shortages if even one part of their process fails or needs to be upgraded. RLC labs does not “make” desiccated thyroid – they simply manufacture it into tablets with specific dosages. We obtain the same kind of desiccated thyroid but make each prescription individually. It takes time and money to make a prescription individually – but you are always guaranteed to get it without experiencing a shortage!

        1. woodlandhills pharmacy Post author

          We are not affected by any shortage of desiccated thyroid that certain manufacturers are having. We are still able to provide desiccated thyroid in multiple strengths.

          1. Nadja Colangelo

            I am in search of nature throid 130
            I am in Maryland USA . Do you have available and can my Dr send you a script if so and you ship to Maryland ? Thanks so much

          2. woodlandhills pharmacy Post author

            We have 65mg available if you would like to double that dosage, which would be the same as 130mg. Your doctor can fax a prescription to us at 818-876-3010 or call us at 855-876-3060.

    1. woodlandhills pharmacy Post author

      We do not currently offer online ordering. However it is easy to have your prescription filled by calling our pharmacy at 855-876-3060. We are available 9am-5pm PST Monday-Friday. We are able to ship prescriptions to most states.

    1. woodlandhills pharmacy Post author

      There are some cases where a prescription at a compounding pharmacy will be covered but it is not guaranteed. If you call our pharmacy at 855-876-3060 one of our team members can answer questions about your specific situation.

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  3. Thomas Ascher

    I am in need of 16.25 mg ( or 1/4 grain) of Nature Throid or equivalent. I have a prescription for Nature Throid (or WP Thyroid) in 16.25 mg or 1/4 grain tablets. Can I get from you with this prescription? What would be the cost? Can I call you and upload a copy of the prescription?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. woodlandhills pharmacy Post author

      Yes we can most likely help with your prescription. One of our pharmacy representatives would be happy to help you if you call us at 855-876-3060.


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