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Frenectomy and Topical Anesthetic

Frectenomies are the removal of a small fold of connective tissue. Most frenectomies are performed in the mouth and can be done with only topical anesthetic. Some dentists find that they can perform a laser frenectomy without any anesthesia, but many patients find that the use of topical anesthetic makes the procedure easier. The use of infiltrative anesthesia for frenectomy is usually unnecessary and a topical anesthetic is sufficient to…
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dentist performing procedure after applying dyclonine (DYC) topical anesthetic

Dyclonine (DYC Anesthetic)

Dyclonine (DYC) was introduced in 1932 in the form of a throat lozenge sold under the brand name Sucrets. These lozenges are still sold over-the-counter in pharmacies and can reduce pain from a sore throat. Dyclonine can also be made into a mouth rinse that is used by dentists before hygiene appointments or dental procedures. At one point there was a commercially available dyclonine mouth rinse but it has since…
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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

At Woodland Hills Compounding Pharmacy we make a variety of specially compounded products for dentists. Our topical anesthetics are used at dental offices throughout the country including our popular “Baddest Topical in Town.” We also compound bone binders that work in combination with other products to help natural bone reformation. They are used by dentists for different bone grafting procedures including alveolar ridge preservation grafts. Compound Bone Binders Calcium sulfate…
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TAC 20 Gel

Product Spotlight: TAC 20 Gel

One of our popular compounds at Woodland Hills Compounding Pharmacy is our TAC 20. However, the name TAC 20 is not an accurate acronym for this dental anesthesia. The “TAC” used to stand for tetracaine, epinephrine (adrenaline), and cocaine and the product was used mostly in emergency rooms. Since the product no longer contains those exact ingredients we often call it TAC 20% alternate. Now, our specially compounded prescription TAC…
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Dentist performing a procedure on a patient with dental anesthesia

Novocaine and Modern Dental Anesthesia

TAC 20 gel, Profound gel, and the Baddest Topical in Town are all compounded dental anesthesia products available to dentists from our pharmacy. There weren’t always so many options though. Painful teeth have always been a problem and there have been different methods throughout history to make their removal less painful. Usually it's much more painful to keep a tooth than to remove it. Herbs, flowers, and alcohol have been…
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