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benzocaine cream

Benzocaine Cream

benzocaine cream

Benzocaine Cream

Dermatologists and aestheticians frequently use benzocaine cream for a variety of skin procedures. The skin can be numbed with a benzocaine cream before everything from mole removal to skin tightening. This cream makes the experience of a cosmetic procedure more comfortable for patients and easier for professionals. Benzocaine cream is also sometimes prescribed to provide pain relief form minor burns and irritations on the surface of the body. While benzocaine can be made in a cream in multiple strengths on its own, it is more common for it to be made into a combination with other anesthetics.

Benzocaine Cream with Lidocaine and Tetracaine

The combination topical anesthetic cream we get requests for most frequently is BLT cream. BLT Cream is a combination of benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine that dermatologists and aestheticians apply before many cosmetic procedures. There are multiple options available for anesthetic strengths but the most common formulation includes benzocaine 20%, lidocaine 6%, and tetracaine 4%. By adding all of the anesthetic percentages together this cream becomes a 30%-strength anesthetic cream. This is much higher than anything available over-the-counter. This cream will both numb the skin quicker than an over-the-counter product and increase the numbing duration.

Uses for Benzocaine Cream

Benzocaine cream combined with lidocaine and tetracaine is commonly used for microneedling, microblading, laser procedures, and more. BLT cream can also be used before injecting Botox or fillers for patients who are particularly sensitive. Dermatological procedures such as mole removal can often be made easier for patients with the use of a numbing cream. Benzocaine cream can also be prescribed for managing pain, insect bites, pruritis, and other irritations to the surfaces of the body.

The area where benzocaine cream will be applied should be cleansed first with soap and warm water then patted dry. When used before a skin procedure, benzocaine cream is applied and allowed to sit for a few minutes until the skin is numb. The cream should be rubbed off once the skin is numb. The anesthetic effects will last about 20 minutes to a half hour depending on the patient.

Proper precautions should be taken to avoid adverse effects if a patient is prescribed benzocaine to be applied at home. Skilled practitioners always use gloves when applying numbing cream and the same precaution should be taken if the cream is being used at home. Directions for managing pain and irritation are usually to apply the cream as needed up to 4 times per day.

Precautions for Combination Creams with Benzocaine

Because BLT cream is a powerful combination of topical anesthetics the potential for adverse effects is also higher. Benzocaine creams with combinations of topical anesthetics like BLT 20/6/4% cream are not like OTC numbing creams. They should only be applied by an experienced professional. They should never be applied at home or by anyone not experienced in applying them. Techniques like wrapping with cellophane to increase the numbing effects are not recommended and have led to serious complications. These anesthetic creams should also not be used around the eyes.  In most cases it is better to not use powerful topical anesthetics at home, but if they are prescribed for certain types of pain it is important to always follow the prescribed directions of a healthcare practitioner.

How to Get Benzocaine Cream

Benzocaine cream can be obtained from our pharmacy by healthcare professionals. We ship to most states and offer multiple shipping options. To order BLT cream, call our pharmacy at 855-876-3060 and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

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