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dermatology compounding - dermatologist applying cream

Dermatology Compounding

Products that Are Not Commercially Available Dermatologists are frequent prescribers of compounded creams. There are many combinations of ingredients that can be made by a compounding pharmacy that are not commercially available. Higher-strength ingredients can be used including in hydroquinone creams and chemical peels. A compounding pharmacy makes medications that have been discontinued, are experiencing shortages, or are not available in the United States. Combination drug products are available to…
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woman applies anti aging prescriptions to her face

Compound Anti Aging Prescriptions

Aging of the skin combined with symptoms of hormone decline can lead to feeling aged before being old. Premature aging of the skin can result from years of exposure to UV rays, smoking, and bad skincare habits. With age comes diminished levels of collagen in the skin, which can cause wrinkles and volume loss. Production of hormones also slows with age, which can lead to uncomfortable symptoms. There are multiple…
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professional chemical peels

Professional Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are treatments that should always be done by a trained professional like a dermatologist or aesthetician. In some states, the use of high-strength professional chemical peels is limited to dermatologists only or someone under their supervision. Peel solutions with higher concentrations of active ingredients are often only available with a prescription. Performing a chemical peel at home with a solution obtained online can lead to adverse reactions in…
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chemical peels

What is the Best Chemical Peel for Acne?

There are numerous acne creams, gels, lotions, scrubs, and more that are available as over-the-counter products at the local drugstore. While some of these products can be essential parts of a regular skincare routine, many individuals continue to suffer with acne even after consistently using them. When an acne sufferer is looking for alternative treatments from a skincare professional, chemical peels are often the first treatment offered. Chemical peels have…
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woman applying melasma cream

What is the Best Melasma Cream?

Is There a Melasma Cure? Melasma is a skin condition that results in patches of brown and gray hyperpigmentation on the face and sometimes other parts of the body. The condition is common in women, especially those who are pregnant, with only about 10% of individuals with melasma being men. While the condition has no cure, there are both preventative measures that can reduce the risk of flare-ups and effective…
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Facial mask

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are one of the most common treatments performed by dermatologists and aestheticians. They can provide excellent results in a short time frame and are highly customizable. Peels are available with different ingredients based on an individual’s skin concerns and skin type. They can be made stronger or weaker depending on the severity of the skin problem and the patient’s tolerance level. Dermatologists are also able to have chemical…
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